Explanation of featured work:

This piece is a representation of the pain in the processes of growth during the pursuit towards something great. Where satisfaction comes from the journey up hill and not at the next peak.(JP)

First layered with a chaotic layer of abstraction to balance the numerals, a representation of chaos / order that concludes an equillibrium. The signature roman numerals are compiled of words such as "love." The irony in the frozen feel of the numerals in the painting is that the flowers blooming from the numerals are representing growth and flourishment, just under pressure, under different conditions. Where in this painting, the numerals are in different conditions by mixing multiple color paints on the same brush while painting them, compared to my traditional method of solid and single colored lines for the numerals. 


Modern Artifacts Series (Most Recent Body of Work)

2020 Signed and Dated.

Medium: Acrylic and latex paint  on MCCLØZKEY Studio Wrapped Canvas.

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 1.5  inches.

Growing Pains